Emma Wilkins, founder, and Managing Director of The Welsh Business Shows is a graduate of Law, and a Master of Business and Law. Emma also graduated with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Cardiff University in 2012 and now applies her knowledge and experience to teaching Business graduates at higher education. Emma is also a Business Role model for Welsh Government via the Big Ideas Wales programme through which she provides an insight on the entrepreneurial approach and the prospects of a career as an entrepreneur.

Emma’s entrepreneurial career started in 2006 when she set up UTEL, a Utilities & telecoms company specialising in commercial telecoms and utilities.  In 2007, Emma began attending business networking events and attending business exhibitions where she saw an opportunity to develop more tailored business shows in Wales. Emma is a great supporter of networking, which was an inspirational factor in the setting up of the Welsh Business Shows.

In 2018, Emma also identified another opportunity in the Welsh market for a construction exhibition and launched the Welsh Construction shows in 2019 which has been a breath-taking success and is held the day after The Welsh Business Shows.

To find out more about UTEL and The Welsh Construction shows please see link to the websites below.